About Sicor

SICOR Engineering India private limited is a subsidiary of SICOR S.P.A, Italy which was established in 2014 at Thandalam, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu due to high demand for premium quality product in Indian elevator market.

Our product range includes Gear, Gearless MRL traction machines, diverter pulley and related components for elevator industry. We are producing Gear traction machine here from 6 to 16 Passenger capacity to fulfil our customer requirements,..

Who We Are

Sicor, five letters, a unique story going through the decades and travelling towards the future.
It was 1981, in fact, when the
ambitious project became tangible matter.


Geared Machine Product Range
Speed - 0.63 to 1.0 mps
Geareless Machine Product Range
Speed - 1.0 to 2.50 mps


We are supplying premium quality Traction machines with all modern testing facilities to our business associate well known worldwide elevator company in India & Middle East.