Who We Are

Sicor, five letters, a unique story going through the decades and travelling towards the future.

It was 1981, in fact, when the ambitious project became tangible matter : what had previously been imagined on paper, became a real business!

A company thought of in a different way, set up in a strategic territory : head-quartered in Rovereto, in the north-eastern Italian province of Trento, sheltered by the Alps, located within a few dozen miles away from the Austrian border...an Italian brand with sheer determination to succeed abroad.

Thanks to SICOR’s new ownership in 2005, the company’s business began to soar under the positive force of the new management, immediately specializing in the elevator sector, with the manufacturing of rope traction systems for the vertical transport of people and goods.

To start with, SICOR means 200 employees and an annual turnover of 60 million Euros....with more than 20 million Euros invested in research projects: an ambitious, far sighted vision.

A simple rule : "to be and provide for what the market demands, being steadily focussed on customer care". With this view, SICOR supplies a wide range of traditional gearboxes, as well as gear-less motors for elevators, designed to provide safe, technically advanced solutions for any type of lifting platforms.