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SICOR reducers are lifting machines for lifts.
A range of products designed to meet the numerous and differentiated needs of the market.
Sicor India as the most recent investment of Sicor Italy, was found with the purpose to produce geared machines (MR12 model) for the Indian Market.
More specifically the project is strictly connected to the strong partnership with KONE, that the company has been developing since the very beginning of his activity on the market.
So far Sicor have supplied more than 30,000 gear traction machines, the same has been installed and functioning to the satisfaction of our valuable customers.

The SICOR gearboxes production range allows applications for load capacities up to 5.500 kg in 1:1 suspension, speeds up to 4m/s with traction sheaves from 320 to 885mm.
Numerous special executions and options are available on request.