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SICOR’s SG series gearless machines with cantilevered pulleys have been designed with reduced radial dimensions for application without a machine room, but can also be used in modernizations with a machine room. The SGS series with pulley in the central position, have been designed for application without a machine room in systems with cantilever arches and with reduced guide and head gauge.

Gearless machines represent, in all applications, the solution with the best energy efficiency, minimum noise level and maximum comfort in the cabin.

The production range of SICOR gearless machines allows applications for capacities up to 4,000kg in 2:1 suspension, speeds up to 4m/s (other speeds on request) with traction sheaves from 120 to 600mm.

The gearless range is also available with machines equipped with a central pulley for systems with evident need for compactness.

Numerous special executions and options are available on request.